Never one to sit still, Kinga has tested herself for the past decade by traveling the globe... rappelling, caving, scuba diving, free diving, jumping out of airplanes and swimming with sharks as a writer, producer and on camera journalist for networks such as CBSNBCABCUSAAMCTravel ChannelFox SportsUniversal SportsFood NetworkCurrent TVSyfy and National Geographic.

From a young age, Kinga has always been interested in pushing her limits. Born in Warsaw, Poland and raised in Oklahoma by parents who believed in regular road trips, camping, cultural exploration, photography and natural sciences, she didn't stand a chance of becoming anything other than the world wandering, adventurous, story telling soul she grew up to be. She has traveled the world reporting on intense subjects like police corruption in Mexico, gangs in LA, women in the sex trade, humanitarian and environmental causes, world conflict and natural disasters. On the flip side she has explored the night life, festivals and exotic eats of the world's most vibrant cities. 

Kinga was one of the original on air journalists to launch Al Gore’s Emmy Award winning Current TV, where she covered everything from travel, car culture and entertainment to current issues and hard hitting vanguard journalism stories that put her in the line of fire…sometimes literally.

In 2011 Kinga was an on air producer for Syfy’s Legend Quest, a Da-Vinci-Code-meets-Indiana-Jones style adventure exploring the globe in search of  mysterious artifacts. The team traveled to 13 countries in two months exploring some of  the world's most exotic destinations: investigating sunken churches in Ethiopia, trekking the Andes in Peru, spelunking in the Philippines, diving Mexican cenotes, riding camels through the desert in Jordan, locating one of the oldest known churches in a maximum security prison in Israel and braving rough seas to access remote islands off Scotland's west coast. 

In 2012 Kinga co-hosted America’s Lost Treasures on National Geographic Channel, searching for hidden links to America’s past. Kinga's background includes a minor in anthropology and a fascination with history. 

Most recently Kinga was the adventure seeking host of two Travel Channel shows: The Wild Side with Kinga Philipps, which had her kite surfing, bungee jumping, free diving and mountain biking across the US and REAL, a look at the flip side of exotic destinations... repeatedly nominated and winning Tellys, Webbys and the Cynopsis Model D... among others. 

In her free time, Kinga explores a singular fascination with the ocean, free diving (see below), scuba diving, surfing, travel and sharks (those are her two friends from Guadalupe Island, MX swimming up top)... followed just slightly by a love for vintage cars, charity work, exotic foods and action sports. She lives in Malibu, CA to be close to the beach at all times. 

Kinga is a board member of  the nonprofit environmental group, Shark Allies, dedicated to changing the image of sharks and conserving our oceans. She is also a board member of Now Art LA, a non profit dedicated to curating and supporting public art.